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The most common way of transportation is by plane, for that purpose the International Airport Islas Malvinas, was opened in 1988, this is the operating center of all types of airplanes which connect Ushuaia with the rest of the world.

Some airlines companies are listed below:

Aerolíneas Argentinas/Austral, has two or three daily flights to Buenos Aires, Its air frecuence increases from November to March, when there is also daily flights from Rio Gallegos and twice-weekly flights from Trelew.
Address in Ushuaia: Roca 116
Telephone in Ushuaia: 02901-421218/436444/421091
Fax in Ushuaia: 02901-431291
Call Center: 0810-222-VOLAR(86527)

L.A.D.E., offer weekly flights to Río Gallegos, El Calafate, and Comodoro Rivadavia.
Address in Ushuaia: San Martin 542. L 5/B Tierra del Fuego
Telephone in Ushuaia: 02901-421123

Aerovias DAP, has air service to and from Punta Arenas, Chile, during high season, DAP increases flights from Punta Arenas, Chile to five weekly and a daily flight from Cape Horn. Ushuaia is it only scheduled international service.
Address in Ushuaia: 25 de Mayo 64
Telephone in Ushuaia: 02901-31110
E-mail :

LAN, through its LAN express service, flies a few times a week, from Santiago de Chile, with stops in Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas in Chile. The local representative of LAN in Ushuaia is the Rumbo Sur Travel Agency
Telephone: 0810 9999 LAN (526)

Aeroclub Ushuaia, where you can arrange a private-charter flight
Telephone (outside Argentina): +54 2901-421717 / +54 2901-421892
Telephone (In Argentina): 02901-421717 / 02901-421892

Taxi Aéreo TRANSTAM, is a company of sanitary, executive and cargo flights, available 24 hours a day all year.
Telephone: 02991-55813409


The only way to access to Ushuaia by car is from Rio Grande, along National Route Nº 3, travelers must cross the border with the Chilean Republic
through San Sebastián pass, on the ferry that crosses the Strait of Magellan from Punta Delgada to Bahia Azul or through the border pass of Monte Aymond on the ferry boat from Punta Arenas - Porvenir.

Distances from Ushuaia to:

To Distance
Buenos Aires 3048 km
Cte. Piedra Buena 816 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 1356 km
El Calafate 926 km
Esquel 1937 km
Gobernador Gregores 1146 km
Puerto Natales 799 km
Puerto Madryn 1799 km
Punta Arenas 653 km
Porvenir 476 km
Rawson 1762 km
Rio Gallegos 601 km
Rio Grande 236 km
Santa Cruz 813 km
San Julian 954 km
Trelew 1743 km
Viedma 2252 km


Tecni Austral, its offices are located in Ushuaia at Roca 157, and in Punta Arenas, Chile at Lautaro Navarro 975
Telephone: 02901-431407 in Ushuaia, or 61-222078 in Punta Arenas

Tolkeyen Patagonia, works with the Chilean company Pacheco, offer trips to Punta Arenas and Rio Grande
Address: San Martín 1267
Telephone: 437073 / 432920 - En Bs. As. 011-4311-3830

Líder LTD, runs daily buses services to Tolhuín and Ushuaia.
Address: Gobernador Paz 921
Telephone: 02901-436421

Transportes Montiel, goes to Rio Grande, seven times daily, except Sunday and holidays, when it goes six times only.
Address: Deloqui 110 - Ushuaia
Telephone: 02901-421366

Tiger Services Business Class
Address: La Pampa 3915
Telephone: 02904-444402 and 02904-15607910

Transporte Tolhuin
Address: Kuanip 579
Telephone: 02901-424273


Many sea lines and scientific ships include Ushuaia as a stop over when traveling to the Antarctic or the Fuegian channels.

Crucero Australis, operates cruices to Ushuaia from Punta Arenas and viceversa
Address: Carlos Pellegrini 989, Piso 6, Buenos Aires
Telephone: 54 11 4325 8400

Transbordadora Austral Broom S.A. Address: Av. Bulnes 05075 - Punta Arenas, Chile
Telephone: 56 61 21 8100

Club Náutico Ushuaia, has private yachts that may be willing to take passengers
Address: Maipú 1210
Telephone: 02901-422193

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