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Arrival to Tandil

The Tourism Office (02293-432073 / 02293-448698 / 02293-432225. ), located at Av. Cte. Espora 1120, does publish maps and maintains a list of accomodations.


There are few flies to Tandil, the Tandil's Aerodrome (tel. 02293-424228) is located a few kilometers of the city.


The Bus Terminal (tel. 02293-432092) is located at Avenida Buzón 650, has frequent services to Buenos Aires, several more to Mar del Plata, its about three hours from Buenos Aires by car.

There are three ways to arrive to Tandil from Buenos Aires:
  • From Canuelas to San Miguel del Monte by National Route 3, and Rauch and Tandin by Provincial Route 30.
  • By highway 2 to Las Armas, Provincial Route 74 to Ayacucho and Tandil, last stretch by National Route 226.
  • Cnel. Brandsen to Gral. Belgrano and Ayacucho by provincial route 29 and then to Tandil by Provincial Route 74, last stretch by National Route 226.
Distances from Tandil to:

To Distance
Ayacucho 79 km
Azul 99 km
Balcarce 106 km
B. Juárez 79 km
Bolívar 258 km
Capital Federal 354 km
Cnel. Dorrego 280 km
Cnel. Pringles 282 km
Dolores 218 km
Las Flores 167 km
Laprida 161 km
Lobería 116 km
Maipú 149 km
Mar del Plata 178 km
Necochea 221 km
Olavarría 167 km
Pinamar 219 km
Rauch 77 km
Tres Arroyos 180 km
Villa Gesell 228 km

Some of the many Bus companies that provides transport service to Tandil are:

Bus Company Address Phone
Andesmar Terminal Station 02293-442780
El Rápido Terminal Station 02293-442780
La Estrella - Cóndor Terminal Station 02293-426018
Expreso Vela Terminal Station 02293-425278
Mercobus Terminal Station 02293-423891
Río Paraná S.A. 9 de Julio 650 - Off. 19 02293-427746
San Juan Mar del Plata Terminal Station 02293-442780
TAC Terminal Station 02293-423891
Turismo Parque S.R.L. Terminal Station Ticket-Offices 7 and 8 02293-425275
Zenit Terminal Station 02293-432092
Localiza (car rental service) Mitre 585 02293-447099


The train station is at Av. Machado y Colón, around twenty blocks from of the main square
Telephone: 02293-423002
Open Monday to Saturday from 08.30 to 18.30 and Sundays from 10.00 to 24.00

For any inconvenience, cancellations, change of costs, frequencies, communicate with Ferrobaires at 0800-222-TREN (8736) / 4304-0028 / 4304-0038 / 4305-6081.

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