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The City of Tandil

Tandil is located in the southeast of Buenos Aires Province, the total area of the city is 4,935 square kilometers, it is about 330 km away from the city if Buenos Aires and at 160 km away from Mar del Plata. The city is in the middle of a valley surrounded by low hills of the Tandilia mountainous system, in a singular landscape of special beauty, this zone is known ah Humid Pampa, the climate is humid and mild, with an average temperature of 13.7ºC and 889 millimeters of precipitations, the mornings usually are cold, even in summer. In autumn and winter, frost and fog become common as well as rains during all the year, specially in summer.

The city combines the vitality of the cities with the peace inspired by the landscape, where is possible practice adventure tourism such as trekking, mountain bike, paragliding, mountain climbing. The urban part of the city, possesses many shop centers, commercial establishments, coffee shops, cinemas, restaurants, hotels, lodgings, among other attractions, prepared specially to satisfy all the necessities of the visitors. There is also beautiful parks and squares that offer the visitors interesting views of the city

The name Tandil, comes from the Mapuche words "tan" ("falling") and "lil"("rock"), which would mean "rock that falls", it in a reference to the Piedra Movediza ("Balancing Rock"), which existed there, this giant stone, which balanced on top of a hill, toppled on February 29, 1912.

Was founded on April 4, 1823 by Brigadier General Martìn Rodriguez, at the moment of its creation, the city had around 400 inhabitants. In the 1880s, with the arrive of the railroad to Tandil and activities such as farming and cattle breeding, the city experienced a bigger growth, in the 1970s, the opening of the University had the same effect. According to the 2001 census, the population of the city was 108,109 inhabitants, today, the government estimates that the number of citizens is around 110,000, and growing everyday with people attracted by the good standard of living.

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