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Schools in Argentina

Education in Argentina is internationally recognized for its good quality, and it is regulated by Ministry of Education. Its education system is divided in
  • Preschool (4 to 5 years),
  • Primary education that has seven levels and it is for students from 6 to 13 years,
  • High school education: it has six levels and it is for students of up to 18 years.
  • At the end of the sixth grade of high school, students finish their mandatory education.
Higher education is offered in public or private universities; studying in a university takes at least 5 years where students will get a professional diploma once that they’ve completed the study program. There are several post graduate degrees and they are divided in specializations, master and doctoral degrees. These are offered as a traditional degree or an online degree.

Argentina’s quality of education is ranked as the 40th worldwide and as the 3rd in Latin America. In the list of the top 500 Universities in the world there are some Argentinean universities.

Military   schools  

Military schools in Argentina

Years ago, only men could study in a military school. Today, women have equal rights to men and can attend military school. Military education is characterized for being very hard. In Argentina, military schools aim to train noncommissioned officers in Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry and other nonmilitary specialties such as communications and healthcare (nurses.)

Law schools  

Law schools in Argentina

While you’re studying law in Argentina you will cover topics such as politics, religion, business, philosophy and social sciences in most law schools. Students will be able to obtain a diploma that will help them to find a job. The career of law is offered in private and public universities. As a lawyer you can work in a law firm, in public administration, etc.

Flight schools  

Flight schools in Argentina

The requirements at a flight school are many: applicants must be older than 17 and if they are under 21, they must submit an authorization from their parents. They must also pass a
psychophysical exam by the Air Force. Flight schools provide various courses for private pilots, commercial pilots, flight attendants, etc.

Pilot schools  

Pilot schools in Argentina

An important requirement to become in a pilot in Argentina is to master English language. The courses at Pilot Schools usually take from one month to two years where students have to take theoretical subjects. Most courses are practical; students learn skills such as flying an aircraft in adverse conditions or at night.

Technical   schools  

Technical schools in Argentina

Educational institutions that offer training for a specific job are known as Technical Schools, people can study in these schools after having finished high school. The courses are offered in day or night. Argentina's most popular specialties include electrical, mechanical, electronics, computers, metallurgy and architecture and construction.

Boarding   schools  

Boarding schools in Argentina

About 50 years ago, boarding education was very popular in Argentina, today there are only a few boarding schools, most schools offer more than one language classes and cultural activities,  students who attend these schools are more responsible, independent, organized and develop ethical values and character integrity, they stay in boarding school from Monday through Friday.

Trade schools  

Trade schools in Argentina

As part of a higher education, trade schools offer to their student short careers (about two years) where they develop skills to perform a particular job, in areas such as cosmetology, nursing technique, web programming, auto mechanics, among others. To study in these schools, students should have about 18 years and they must have finished high school .

Massage   schools  

Massage schools in Argentina

A new way of work is to become a massagist because everyone is always looking for a good massage on a spa, beauty salon, gym or as a therapy in a hospital or health center. In Argentina, Massage Schools offer short courses where students take health related subjects such as anatomy, psychology and learn about some pathology. They also must develop ethic values to perform their job correctly.

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