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The City of Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is the modern pampean Capital of La Pampa Province, Argentina, some 380 miles southwest of Buenos Aires. The city lies in the east of the province on the shore of the Don Tomàs Lagoon and is located at the intersection of National Routes 5 and 35.

The first settlers of the Actual Santa Rosa City were the Telhueche tribal group, the Conquest of the Desert Campaign produced huge damage in this native people, after that the started the exploitation by European immigrants, who worked, participated in the construction of the railway and in the foundation of villages. In 1892, Tomàs Mason decided to officially found the town of Santa Rosa on April 22, being the second youngest capital of the country. In the second half of the 20th century, Santa Rosa develop as an important agricultural centre.

Santa Rosa has a strategic situation in Argentina, the city hold 102,610 inhabitants according to 2001 census, around a third of the population of the Pampa Province, the city has ample tourist infrastructure formed by commercial centers, comfortable accommodation, traditional gastronomy restaurants, international cooking, discos, theatres, a modern and attractive Casino; important installations to enjoy sports such as golf, equitation, soaring, motoring, motorcycling and biking,

Some of the city sights are the Barrio Fitte, the monument to San Martin, the Palace of Justice, the Teatro Español (Spanish Theatre), the provincial Art Museum, the provincial Natural History Museum or you can visit the Provincial Handmade Market and there appreciate and buy handicrafts manufactured under aboriginal techniques, this market is located at San Martín and Luro Avenue, its telephone is 430168.

Santa Rosa has intensive activities such as festivals, fairs, live music shows, theater stagings, sports, conventions, lectures and governmental, business, and scientific meetings all year long. The young and modern Santa Rosa, is one of the most important resorts in Argentina, with excellent entertaining centers, a intensive cultural activity and all the services for tourists or travelers, connected to Buenos Aires just by an hour flight.

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