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Santa Rosa Travel Guide

Santa Rosa Travel Guide

Santa Rosa is a peaceful town with many alternatives to enjoy a good time, located strategically with a beautiful surrounding, initially the main activity of its inhabitants was farming, today is an important urban and tourist center, with an infrastructure in constant growth to suit all tastes.

If you visit the Handmade Market, you will find rastras (wide gaucho belts), facones (gaucho knives), woven cloth with beautiful designs, mate gourds and other handy-crafts. After that, you could lodge in an Estancia (a Latin American ranch), there you will enjoy traditional food, rides in carriages, horse rides, trekking, photographic safaris and exciting Creole skill exhibitions, you can also practise sport fishing in Don Tomás lagoon, Chadilauquen lagoon and in Casa de Piedra reservoir.

Make a Religious Circuit is another good alternative in Santa Rosa, you should visit the Cathedral Church, located in front of San Martín Square, inside you will find the "Via Crucis" painting, and figures representing Christ, the Virgin and the first Apostles. Also there are the mortal remains of the founder of the province, Tomás Mason. On Don Bosco’s Square, you will find the "Nuestra Señora de Fátima" sanctuary, this sanctuary was inspired by David’s star. A beautiful place is the Nazaret’s House, it is a building where people go to deepen into their creeds, next to Nazaret’s House is the Monastery of the Carmelitas nuns, in its chapel you can see the image of Saint Mary Virgin of La Pampa dressed with a little "poncho", copies of the figure can be bought there.

For leisure in Santa Rosa you can visit the famous recreational center "Don Tomás", there you will find many barbecue shops, stores, swimming pools, and many other attractions surrounded by a beautiful lakes, another important point is the Hunting Club Camping and Mini Zoo (tel. 424198), located at six kilometers from the city, has a excellent camping area with old caldenes (a large sturdy tree with a bell-shaped crown, is the provincial tree of The Pampas), in its zoo, visitors will observe and admire the varied pampean fauna.

The structure of the city allows to practice national and international sport competitions, you can practise sports such as polo, golf, handball, softball, hockey, swimming, rugby, biking, boxing, hiking, paragliding, hunting, horse riding, water skiing, windsurf, tennis, motorcycle racing, kayak, sport fishing and many others. Santa Rosa is seat of the "A Pampa Traviesa" marathon, with the participation of the most important national and international athletes. The Golf Club of Santa Rosa is one of the best in the region with 18 holes in its circuit, the club holds local and regional tournaments, international golf players have praised it. If you are an adventurous person, you must practice paragliding, Santa Rosa is one of the best places of the world for this sport, also, in the weekends you can make flights on light air-crafts visiting the hangar of the Pampean Air Club.

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