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Arrival to Mar del Plata


The airport "Brigadier Bartolomé de la Colina" is located only ten minutes from downtown, three airlines operating different national destinations with more than three daily flights, that increase during summer season.

Aerolineas Argentinas / Austral, flies several times daily to Buenos Aires, flights last just under an hour.
Address: Moreno 2442
Telephone: +54-223-4960101
Call Center: 0810-222-VOLAR(86527)

LADE, flies to Buenos Aires, Bahía Blanca, Viedma, San Antonio Oeste, Puerto Madryn, Trelew, Neuquén, Chapelco (San Martín de los Andes), Esquel, and Bariloche.
Address: Local 5 in the Casino at Blvd Marítimo 2300
Telephone: +54-223-4938211


Travel in the modern and safe motorway from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata takes about 4 to 5 hours (404 km/251 miles). The Provincial Routes 88 and 11 and the National Route 226 also link the city with Buenos Aires. Exists more than fifty bus companies that link Mar del Plata with the rest of the country. The central bus terminal (tel. 223/451-5406) is located at Alberti 1602, the buses are comfortable, some of them offers sleeping cars, perfect to travel by night. In Buenos Aires, the buses arrives at the Retiro Bus Station.

Some of the more of fitfy bus companies are listed below:

Bus Company Address Telephone
Manuel Tienda Leon Collectivo Moreno 3239 +54-223-4947161
Chevallier Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 42 +54-223-4518447
Vía Bariloche Central Bus Terminal +54-223-4512555
Tony Tur Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 4 +54-223-4862299
Rápido Argentino Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 20 y 35 +54-223-4511516
Basa - Costera Criolla Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 51 +54-223-4513099
Andesmar Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 7 +54-223-4869023
Empresa Argentina S.A.T.A. Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 48 +54-223-4510666
El Rápido S. A. Central Bus Terminal - Ticket Office Nº 43 +54-223-4510600
DOM CAR S.A. Central Bus Terminal +54-223-4515932


There are almost six arrivals per day to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires, it leaves from Constitución (tel. 11/4304-0028 ), trip takes around five hours trough the company Ferrobaires, to the Mar del Plata Train Station (tel. +54-223-4756076 ) which is located about 17 blocks northwest of Plaza San Martín, at Luro and Italia Avenues.


There is no commercial service, yacht charters from Buenos Aires takes more than 48 hours.

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