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Eating in Mar del Plata

The city has an ample supply of restaurants offering a wide selection of food, the city’s most active restaurant and nightlife areas are located on Avenida Alem and surrounding streets.

You must try also the "Alfajores" (a cake with "dulce de leche", the best are at the Havana shops) , the "Dulce de Leche" (a cream caramel) and the Parrillas (mixed grills, with very low prices). But the best food in Mar del Plata is the sea food; the port, is a good zone to know and try very fresh sea food, restaurants has a large variety of dishes to offer, you may try fish like Hake, Salmon, Pollack, Tuna, Sole, Chernia, Sardines, Mackerel, Squid, Octopus, Mussel and Snails, specially don`t miss the "mariscos" and "rabas".

You could visit the next restaurants:

Amigos del Mar Sushi Restaurant, attended by the Komiyama family, seems to be the only one really Japanese restaurant in Mar del Plata
Address: 2056, Guido
Telephone: +54-223-4916054

El Palacio del Bife, one of the best parillas in Mar Del Plata is Palacio del Bife.
Address: 1857, Córdoba
Telephone: +54-223-4947727

Zafarrancho, another excellent Grill and Argentine-style Barbecue
Address: 2361, Belgrano
Telephone: +54-223-4947342

Pampita, Grill and Argentine-style Barbecue, located around Güemes zone
Address: 1326, Alvarado
Telephone: +54-223-4516335

Los García, a very nice Grill and Argentine-style Barbecue, with excellent service.
Address: 2657, Olavarría

La Marca, is famous for serve a whole cow on special events for groups of fifty or more people.
Address: 253, Almafuerte
Telephone: +54-223-4518072

La Marina, a amazing place, you can have a sit in front the sea.
Address: 3147, 12 de Octubre Street
Telephone: +54-223-4899216

El Maute, Grill and Argentine-style Barbecue and traditional dishes.
Address: 5582, Juan B. Justo Av.
Telephone: +54-223-4812470/7983

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