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Cathedral of La Plata

Is the landmark of the city and the largest church in Argentina, was completed in the 2000 after 115 years, La Plata’s cathedral is located in the very center at Moreno Square, it is done in the neo-Gothic style and was actually inspired by the cathedrals in Cologne, Germany, and Amiens, France. The view is spectacular, the ornaments are beautiful, specially the sixteen images of the Apostles, Saints and Evangelists. There is also a small museum at the cathedral, here you will find a series of scale models with the different projects of the Cathedral, a lot of pictures showing the history of La Plata city and you will get the crypt of the founder of the city, Dardo Rocha.

Natural Sciences Museum - La Plata
Natural Sciences Museum (Museo de Ciencias Naturales)

The museum (tel. +54-221-4257744/9161/9638) was built between 1884 and 1889, is located in the heart of "Paseo del Bosque", it is a Neoclassic-Barroque building, here you can enjoy a tour through the evolutionary process of planet Earth. You will visit the Cosmic Observatory Room, there you will appreciate the evolution of the universe. In the "Paleontology Room", you can see original samples of mammals, spectacular dinosaurs from the Mesozoic Era and fossile plants. Another very interesting "rooms" to visit are the: "Zoology Room", "Mineralogy and Petrography Room", "Egyptian(Aksha) Room", "Ethnography Room", "Biologic Anthropology Room", "Latin American Archaeology Room", "Argentinian Northwest Archaeology Room" and the "Botanical Room".

Casa Curutchet
Casa Curutchet

Is one of the two buildings by Le Corbusier in South America (the other is the Gustavo Capanema Palace in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). It was commissioned by Dr. Pedro Domingo Curutchet, story tells that Dr. Curutchet saved Le Corbusier's life in one of the cruises he made and in exchange he made this project for the house. The construction was started in 1951 by Amancio Williams, a renowned Argentinian architect, and was completed in 1955. The house consists of four main levels with a courtyard between the house and the clinic. the main facade incorporates a brise soleil. The house was restored from 1986 to 1988 during the centennial of Le Corbusier's birth and declared a national landmark, It currently houses the Buenos Aires professional association of architects.

Provincial Park of Pereyra Iraola
Provincial Park of Pereyra Iraola

It covers an area of 10248 hectares, is divided into three areas. In the Santa Rosa area, you can find the old Estancia Santa Rosa, botanical gardens, an experimental plant nursery, a wildlife breeding station and a biological station specialised in wild birds. In the San Juan of the Lowlands area there are many tree species such as eucalyptus, araucarias, acacias, among others and birds like baker birds, "benteveos", "pirinchos", wood-pigeons, calandra larks, and others. At the San Juan of the Highlands area, you can find hundred years old trees and greater green spaces.

Children's City - La Plata
Children's City

Known as the "República de los Niños" or the "Ciudad de los Niños", is a thematic park located in the city of Gonnet, the construction was started in 1949 and was open in 1951, its original ensemble constitutes a true miniature city, a miniature train travel along the city and a boat, exactly like the Mississippi's boats, allows to go along the lake, there are a parliament, presidential house, law courts, church, port, airport, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de La Plata
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de La Plata (MACLA)

Open since 1999 and located in the Pasaje Dardo Rocha building, the Museum of Contemporary Art of La Plata (MACLA) contains a Permanent collection of works of important artist like Julio Le Parc, Antonio Seguí, Rogelio Pollesello, Luis Benedict, Victor Chab, Cesar López Osornio, Miguel Ocampo, Luis Tomasello among others, there is also temporary exhibitions of contemporary Latin American art. In addition, there are continuous lectures series, round-table discussions, seminars, musical presentations and literary programs.

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