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La Plata Travel Guide

La Plata Travel Guide

Welcome to the La Plata city, La Plata is a modern administrative and commercial city, with an excellent industrial growth, large quantities of chemicals, processed food, and steel are produced here. Since the beginning of the 20th. century, the city is also a major cultural center, is a meeting point for academicians and researchers, with fine museums and colleges and the National University of La Plata. The national naval academy is located in nearby Ensenada port.

The main touristic attractions of La Plata includes:
  • The Cathedral, which has a New Gothic style and 37 French and German vitreaux.
  • The internationally recognized Natural Sciences Museum (Museo de Ciencias Naturales in Spanish), which depends from Universidad Nacional de La Plata. Its valuable collections of fossils, especially those of large prehistoric animals is considered the fifth in importance in the whole world, its amazing collection of paleontology, zoology, botany, anthropology and archaeology samples, must be visited by everybody in La Plata.
  • The beautiful Children's City (Ciudad de los Niños in Spanish), a theme park of a miniature city including picturesque buildings made in different styles and furniture made on scale for ten-year old children, the buildings include a municipality, a court, a fire station and others.
  • The Punta Lara beaches, located few kilometers away from the city center, here you can practice jet skiing, windsurfing and sailing.
  • The Provincial Park of Pereyra Iraola, a natural reserve created in the 19th century with native and exotic trees, this reserve distinguishes itself by its biodiversity and ecosystems.
Dining in La Plata can easily take a few hours, like in almost all Argentina, the main dish is an asado, the barbecue of the excellent Argentine meat, meat also comes in the form of Sirloin Steak (Bife de Chorizo in Spanish) or Empanadas (Delicious Meat Pies). The wine also is good.

In the nights you can go to the New Argentinian Theatre, Coliseo Podestá Theatre or Islas Malvinas Cultural Center and appreciate the cultural events or if you want something more exciting, you can visit the modern discotheques of the city center.

You can get La Plata, using one of the frequent train services that departs from Constitucion Railway Station or by car through Nº36 National Route or Nº11 Provincial Route.

As anecdote, during the dictatorship of Juan Perón, the city was renamed as "Eva Perón" in honor to his wife Evita, when the regime of Perón was overthrown, the name La Plata was restored in 1955.

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