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Job Search in Argentina

The internet is now the most-used tool to access employment information, to complement your job search you can visit many websites with new vacancies. Even though this technique is a new one, it is a very efficient method to get a job position in Argentina because many job offers are not advertised in traditional ways. If you are planning to work in Argentina, you have to consider all the national differences and cultural parameters that you are going to undergo; getting a job in Argentina requires more than a simple resume. Good language skills, a competent career and a good presentation in the job interview are necessary in order to stand out and be hired by a company in the country of Tango.

There are many places to seek out a job in Argentina, if you are willing to work for Argentinean companies/institutions you have to check out some resources. These include government institutions, companies and college and university websites. However, there are many different ways to get a job in this Latin American country.

International Organizations opportunities

Argentina has several NGOs and aid agencies in the entire country, US, French and Spanish companies are particularly well-represented in Argentina.  If you are looking for new experiences, the department of Foreign Affairs of Argentina might provide you with a list of NGO’s.

Newspaper Ads

Newspapers such as La Nación and El Clarín, use to post some jobs in the classifieds sections. These classifieds are both published in the newspaper and available online. Jobs offers are not only found in Argentinean media, some job openings are in foreign newspapers like Le Monde and Le Figaro (France) and Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung (Germany).

Web pages

This is the method par excellence in Argentina. Plenty of recruitment agencies can be contacted online, and if you want some professional advice on how to make a professional resume you can look for many resume templates that can help you build this important document in websites like

An efficient resume in Argentina

The cover letter enclosed to your resume is very important, so make it concise, precise and efficient. A resume sample is necessary in order to have a model to write your own, here we show you main details of a resume.

Personal details (Datos personales): Personal information is required in this section such as name and last name; place and date of birth.

Education (Formación académica): Your university and high school information.

Extracurricular activities (Otros títulos y seminarios): Seminars and degrees, including date and place.

Professional experience (Experiencia Profesional): Working experience including company name, and what tasks you performed, add the date as well.

Languages (Idiomas): the languages you speak and the level of fluency.

Computer skills (Informática): informatics abilities are necessary.

Extra information (Otros datos de interés): driver license, military service, etc. are included in this part of the resume examples.

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