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Insurance in Argentina

In our daily lives each one of us is exposed to many situations that can affect negatively our health, and our possessions; we can also encounter situations where we’re deprived of life. This all creates economic costs, and most of the time they are very high. For this reason, it is recommendable to purchase of some type insurance that covers damage and costs caused by some kind of accident.    
Insurance is a contract established with an insurance company. In the contract, also called a "Policy", the company establishes that if the person who purchased the insurance suffers an illness, accident or death or loses any asset such as a car, a business, or a home, he/she will receive the money that was agreed on the contract. This kind of money is called compensation.

Life Insurance

The need of a life insurance depends on your age, the number of people who depends on you and your monthly income. Life insurance consists in a pay to the beneficiaries when a person dies. This pay can be received all at once, called Capital Insured, or surrendered by parts with interest. The names of the beneficiaries must be written in the policy.

Car Insurance

In Argentina is mandatory to have a car insurance that covers the driver and/or insured person and third parties from damages suffered from fire, theft and car accidents. This type of car insurance gives coverage for damage or loss of a car; it protects from damages generated by a vehicle collision or a rollover, fire accident and any other problems that are related with car accidents.

Home Insurance

Home insurance includes a global or combined coverage that covers several risks such as loss or damage that is generated by any theft or fire to the insured property. They also cover loss of personal belongings, furniture, jewelry and other objects and they also assist medical costs for domestic workers who were working for you at the time of the accident.

Travel Insurance

For anyone who is traveling around Argentina, it is necessary to obtain a travel insurance that offers security to their tourists. Travel insurance covers a range of possible damages that can be generated in the course of a journey. The common risks that could be covered by travel insurance are: Medical assistance cost, emergency evacuation, cancelation travel or interruption, accidental death or accident.

Travel insurance takes care of your flight problems as well. If your flight is cancelled, you can avail the benefits of flight insurance. If you are planning to make a tour to Argentina, you can easily contact the insurance agents and avail the travel insurance in Argentina. This will make your tour a complete risk-free.

Health Insurance

The city of Argentina offers both a public and private health care system. Approximately 28 million Argentineans have health insurance through their unions. About 5 million people from the middle and upper classes are privately insured.

Health insurance is advisable to obtain it before having an accident or a severe illness; this insurance does not cover damage caused by an accident or some type of cost that is generated before obtaining the policy.

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