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Golf courses in Argentina


Golf has become very popular in Argentina during the past few years. This has caused that a lot of Golf Courses were installed in the country. The Lagos de Palermo Golf Club and Golf Club Jose Jurado are two of the most popular and crowded centers. Only in Buenos Aires there are over 30 golf clubs that encourage the practice of this sport and hold major tournaments. Amateur competitions are very popular among the newly initiated and attract many followers and fans. Among the most outstanding professionals are Angel Cabrera and Sebastian Saavedra, both of them having won major international tournaments during their careers.

However there are many other major golf courses across the country, cities such as Mendoza and Cordoba, have beautiful clubs with adequate and comfortable facilities. The fields are really large, and have all the characteristics of a high quality fields. The various obstacles present can create a real challenge to experienced golfers.


Golf is a sport that requires patience, concentration and perseverance; therefore it is not easy to master. One requires a lot of practice to achieve a respectable level of competence, and although this can sometimes be quite frustrating, it is very rewarding and fun.

To begin practicing this sport is necessary to sign up for golf lessons. An instructor can make your time worthwhile in the golf course and will make sure you know all the Golf tips or tricks you need to learn before you hit the field.

Other good options are golf schools. These institutions provide personal trainers and the equipment needed to practice the sport; they even give you access to the necessary conditions to spend a weekend with family or friends.

An important point in the journey to become a master of golf is the set of clubs to use. Among the top golf tips for beginners is the one that says that it is not advisable to buy an expensive set from the start. It’s more important to learn how to play correctly than to brag your gear in front of your friends; a good swing can be much more beneficial than a luxurious set of clubs.

Practice is essential, and it depends largely on your own willingness. While an instructor can be very helpful, he/she won’t make a difference if you don’t do your part. As mentioned before, Golf requires patience, concentration and most of all, perseverance.

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