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Employment in Argentina

Despites of the financial crisis, Argentina is nowadays a major and leading Latin American country, there are many job opportunities in specific areas such as business, sciences and education. Unemployment is decreasing since the 2001 crisis and the economic situation is recovering its stability slowly and it is turning this nation to what it used to be.

There are many companies seeking out proficient employees to fill job vacancies. Even though job offers are available in Argentina, to get a job can sometimes be difficult in a strongly competitive market.

Fortunately, there are many ways of getting a job in Argentina; you are able to look for the newspaper classified section in newspapers such as “La Nacion”, “Buenos Aires Herald” and “El Clarin”. Employment agencies in Argentina are frequently used, because many people rather send their personal information to these agencies in order to get a job position as soon as possible. You can find some employment agencies such as Sesa Select, Manpower and Adecco in this country.

Foreigners who speak Spanish have a great advantage and can prove useful to employment in Argentinean companies, thus Spanish language is important in order to be more competitive.

The long-awaited interview

If you're counting down the days until your next job interview you have to know that sometimes the interview can be a stressful and tortuous process; however there are some practical tips to consider in the process.

Do your research.

Make sure that the field you are going to apply to is the right one for you, do your homework and research all you can about the company. This is necessary in order to be prepared. Also, remember the importance of a good resume and consider adapt it to the job offer that you apply. You can see professional free resume templates in this site.

Practice your answers.

There are some questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses that are frequently used by employers you can practice them before the interview presentation.

Look professional and serious at the same time.

People in Argentina are very concerned about the personal presentation, so it is important to wear the correct clothes in the job interview.

Take it easy.

The preparation is the key to success. Remember to speak clearly and concise, don’t forget to smile.

Ask questions

. Prepare a minimum of three questions for the interviewer to show your interest to work in the company.

It is a fact that living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country is a big opportunity to learn efficiently. Alternatively, there are many state jobs you can apply to, especially in the USA. 

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