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Education in Argentina

Education is highly valued among Argentinian people; so, the Argentinian government invests large sums of money into education programs. The government has created the National Council of Education, which is responsible for the quality of education in Argentina. This council sets a standard curriculum that must be followed by public schools; the government believes that this curriculum promotes unity among Argentineans.

A teacher in Argentina, must be prepare with a good resume and also a personal and professional cover letter to apply for a job. Some education cover letter examples explains how to write this cover letter for educational system access. It's important pay attention to that question to boost your opportunities to get a better job in a school or university.

Education program in argentina

Children of age 4-5 may attend kindergarten, but education is compulsory for children of age 6 to 14. The education program is divided in three levels that are called “ciclos” (cycles.) The primary school (elementary level) included seven grades; this cycle provides basic knowledge to children. Secondary school is for people of age 12 to 17, and this cycle prepares them for career programs.  Higher education involves private and public universities, colleges and institutions that provide an advanced knowledge and training in technical or professional careers.

Higher education

Higher education is available to all students who have finished secondary school; most universities require a previous entrance exam. The Ministry of Education finances over 39 universities in Argentina. There are some Argentinean universities that are among the top 100 of most prestigious universities in South America; as it can be observed in University rankings. The education in Argentina is considered as one of the most important around South America, because universities require their students do a lot of research work, and Argentina is known for having held many researches that have led Argentineans to earn two Nobel prizes in Medicine and one in Chemistry.

University courses have well-trained teachers who are specialized in their respective subjects; most universities offer after-school programs and extra courses where students can develop their talents better. Students prefer to get a university degree; however, there are other kinds of higher education institutions such as: Law schools, Medicine schools or business schools.

Argentinian’s business schools are well-known; so, many foreign students come to Argentina different parts of Latin America in order to study in a business school. Most of these schools are non-expensive; these schools can offer programs for students with low incomes.    

Education in Argentina is taking an utter importance; its education system will be one of the most important across America. Most Argentinian universities are focused on learning as much as they can; so, they establish relations with other universities around the world in order to exchange students and teachers. Argentinian people hope to excel in different areas and they believe that education is the key for that.

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