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Argentine cuisine is long well developed, it has heavy influence of Italian, Spanish, French and other European roots, its common find restaurants that largely serve Italian, French, German and English food. Welsh community has conserve its legacy with traditional dishes. Exists a cuisine that is essentially urban and cosmopolitan and another more traditional and idiosyncratic cuisine.

Argentina is one of the major food producers in the world, it is a leading producer of beans, corn, meat, milk, wheat, soybeans. By this, lots of read meat, pastas and white bread (made with wheat flour) are especially common part of the Argentine diet.

Milanesas is a preferred meat dish made up of beef, chicken or veal, beaten eggs, seasoned with paprika, salt and other ingredients; pastries of meat, cheese, sandwiches are part of their favorite cuisine. Argentineans also eat lots of vegetables and salads (tomatoes, onions, lettuce, eggplants, squashes and zucchini are common in the diet).

In Argentina, beef has a high quality, a preferred manner is the asado, where a wide variety of roasted dishes can be enjoyed. Many parts of the animal like chitterlings ("chinchulines"), pork sausage ("chorizo"), sweetbread ("mollejas"), blood sausage ("morcilla") can be enjoyed. In Patagonia, lamb and goat are eaten more than beef. Chimichurri, a season of herbs and chili, is often the only sauce for steak and chorizo.

There are a plenty of Italian staples, including canelones, ñoquis (Gnocchi), pastas, pizza, and ravioles, that can be bought in the different markets of Argentina.

Another popular food are, the tasty stew called Puchero, the Locro (a pork and maize stew), sweet squash in cream, the Tartas (pie), Empanadas (puff pastry stuffed with different ingredients, commonly, meat), the Dulce de Leche (a national obsession, it can be found in all corners of the country, is used to fill cakes and pancakes, spread over toasted bread), alfajores (shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche and coated in chocolate), the panqueques (delicious crepe deserts), and the "policeman's" or "truck driver's" sweet (cheese with quince paste or dulce de membrillo).

People of Argentina like to accompany their meals with wines and beers, the wines are very good, the local distilleries produce their own marks, the wine on occasions is mixed with carbonated water, Quilmes is the national brand of lager.

The national drink of Argentina is an infusion called "mate". At family or social gatherings, the mate is see as an important social ritual, with the host preparing the beverage according to the preference of each guest.

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