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Eating in Buenos Aires

In recent years, the number of Restaurants in Buenos Aires has been increasing, now Buenos Aires is one of the best Capitals cities in the World for culinary experiences, there are Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Nordic, Mexican Chinese, Arab, Turkish and Armenian restaurants. The most popular meal es the grilled meat (asado or parrilla), everybody eats a lot of meat here, other popular meals are pizzas and empanadas and the typical Argentinian cookie, the Alfajor. There are also a large number of vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurants.

Many people say that the Pizzeria Guerrin is the best place to eat pizza in Buenos Aires, it is located on Avenue Corrientes 1368, just a two blocks from the Obelisk, open since the 1800s, Guerrin has 140 varieties of pizza and a lot of other dishes, with inexpensive prices. An alternative web page is and its telephone is (54 11) 4371-8141.

Cafe Tortoni, it is an old, classic and luxurious cafe, some of its distinguished visitors: Ernesto Sábato, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Carlos Gardel, Alfonsina Storni, Federico García Lorca, Joan Manuel Serrat, Robert Duval, the King of Spain Don Juan Carlos de Borbón, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Cafe Tortoni has been open since 1858, located on Avenue de Mayo 825 between Piedras and Tacuari, its telephone is (54 11) 4342-4328.

La Biela is another nice cafe, located on Av. Quintana 596 RM Ortiz, in the glamorous barrio Recoleta, near to the Recoleta Cemetery.

Cabaña Las Lilas (tel. 787-764-0771 or 787-764-0722), located in Puerto Madero, is the home of the best steaks in Argentina according to many reviewers, some of them say that it has the best steaks in the world, is one of the most expensive grills in Buenos Aires, but here you will have one of the best experiences in your visit to Argentina, juts try the "lomo" with the smashed pumpkin, a real gem of their menu. If you are not a beef eater, you can try some of their salmon, or some of the large selection of salads, finally you can match an Argentine wine with your meal.

La Brigada (tel. 11/4361-5557) located at Estados Unidos 465, is another famous steakhouse in Buenos Aires, the place has a casual atmosphere. Its asados, chorizos, sausages, goat sweetbreads, and chinchulines are great, and their wine list is the best with over 35,000 bottles, La Brigada has a second place in Recoleta al Peña 2475.

The grill restaurant Las Nazarenas in Buenos Aires, is another good alternative, or maybe you can visit Siga la Vaca (Follow the cow), is a restaurant specialized in meats, located in Puerto Madero, with great quality, good service and price.

If you are looking for the Best Seafood, you can visit the Dora (tel. 11/4311-2891), open since the 1940s and located at Leandro N. Alem 1016, is a expensive restaurant with a high-quality cuisine based on seafood dishes, the exterior of the restaurant looks like a office building, because in Dora everything is all about food; dishes based in octopus, codfish and prawn are recommended, its selection of white-wine is one of the largest in Buenos Aires.

Olsen (tel. 11/4776-7677), located in Palermo at Gorriti 5870, is a Scandinavian restaurant, specialist in seafood, in an environment full of relax, you will experience a enjoyable moment in this place, its bar has a large list of cocktails also.

The best French Restaurant in Buenos Aires is La Bourgogne (tel. +54-11-48053857), located in the Alvear Palace Hôtel (Ayacucho 2027), this formal and elegant restaurant has been declared one of the "Best Restaurants in the World for Wine Lovers."

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