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Teatro Colón

The Colón Theater (tel. 54-11-43787344) is the pride of Argentinians because represents its love for culture and history, Located at 621 Libertad Street, is the most important lyric theater in Latin America and is considered as one of the four great opera houses in the world.
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La Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta is a exclusive and elegant neighbourhood, with many attractive places to visit including cafes, restaurants, shops, green areas such as Plaza Alvear and Plaza Francia, historic building like the Colónial church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the Buenos Aires Government Exhibition Centre, the Bellas Artes National Museum, the National Library, the Cultural Center and others.

Plaza de Mayo

The Plaza de Mayo is the political heart of Argentina, in fact the city was built around the Plaza, it is located between the Cabildo, the Casa Rosada and the Cathedral. The Plaza is center of the most important events in Argentina, is the central meeting for social demonstrations and national celebrations.
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Government House or Casa Rosada (Pink House)

The Government House (Casa de Gobierno in Spanish), known as the Casa Rosada, is located on the eastern end of Plaza de Mayo, originally was a fortress, after was a customs house, a post office, and finally in 1873 was remodelled and became the official seat of the President of Argentina, is a French and Italian styles building, with palm trees and fountains in the yards.
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Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (Malba)

The Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (Latin American Art Museum) of Buenos Aires, known as MALBA, is located close to Plaza Francia at 3415 Figueroa Alcorta Avenue in Recoleta neighbourhood, opened since 2001, is a not-for-profit institution created by Argentine businessman Eduardo F. Constantini, with the mission to preserve, collect and promote contemporary Latin American artists, promoting the knowledge of the regional cultural diversity and promoting artistic exchange between national and international community.

Barrio de Palermo

Palermo is one of the most beautiful areas in Buenos Aires, with its charming streets, bookstores, bars, boutiques and many relaxing places.
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Puerto Madero

This barrio, initially was designed by Eduardo Madero as the new harbor of Buenos Aires, the project was a failure. In the 1990s, the docks and warehouses abandoned were recycled, renovated and turned into house restaurants, offices, five star hotels, cinemas, museums, among others.
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Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral

The Catedral Metropolitana de Buenos Aires is located in the city centre, at Rivadavia and San Martin Streets. This neoclassical building was designed by the Italian architect Antonio Masella, the construction began in 1753 and wasn't complete until 1829, the Cathedral contain many art works including its 18th century colony altar.

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