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The Government House (Casa de Gobierno in Spanish), known as the Casa Rosada, is located on the eastern end of Plaza de Mayo, originally was a fortress, after was a customs house, a post office, and finally in 1873 was remodelled and became the official seat of the President of Argentina, is a French and Italian styles building, with palm trees and fountains in the yards.

In the presidency of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the building was painted pink, there are several stories about the color pink in its facade, some says that the pink is the mix of blood with lime, others says that pink was chosen by Sarmiento as result of the combination between the color of the two most important political parties of these times (1868-1876), the Federalists (with the red color) and the Unitarists (with the white color)

The building is protected by the Granaderos a Caballo, an elite army group, whose use the same uniform since the San Martín times, you can see the changing of the guard every hour, in the south side of the building, there is the Casa Rosada's museum here you can find possessions of the different Argentine presidents and explanations about the political history of Argentina.

Its balcony is world-famous, it has served as podium for figures like Pope John Paul II, Diego Maradona, Juan Perón and his wife Evita Perón, who rallied the "descamisados" (without shirt or shirtless, term used for the followers of Perón) from there, even Madonna was there.

Casa Rosada Casa Rosada
Casa Rosada Casa Rosada

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