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The City of El Bolson

El Bolsón is a small village located in the southwest of Rio Negro Province, approximately at 120 km from to Bariloche and only 7 kilometers from Chile, at the foot of the Piltriquitron Mountain (the biggest mount around the town with an elevation of 7,500 ft.). El Bolsón is the closest town to the Los Alerces National Park

In the 60s, the town became the place of arrival of hippies from different parts of the country, actually, retains this feel in its almost 6,000 inhabitants dedicated to activities like agriculture, tourism and hand crafted products.

El Bolsón is a very fertile valley, because its temperate climate, with a great agricultural activity, is home of many small organic farms where fine fruits (such as strawberries, cherry, raspberries), many kinds of herbs (culinary and medicinal) are cultivated without the use of pesticides and additives, El Bolson is famous also for its production of homemade jams, sweet marmalade, goat and sheep cheese, homemade beer, ice creams, and chocolates, this products are very popular in local and international markets. Every February, El Bolsón celebrates the National Hops Festivity.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m., at the foot of Mt Piltriquitrón takes place one of the most renowned fairs in South America: the "Feria Artesanal Plaza Pagano" (Plaza Pagano Arts Market), where you will find the natural products mentioned above and interesting and exquisite artisan works such as ceramics, clothes, hand crafted knives, handmade candles, musical instruments, wood-works, metal-works and many other items in more than 250 stands.

There are several crafts shops with interesting souvenirs, organic restaurants (the gastronomy very healthy in El Bolsón) and many micro-breweries that incorporates local fruits into their beers.

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