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El Bolson Travel Guide

El Bolson Travel Guide

El Bolsón named because to its cupped shape encircled by a picturesque and colourful mountain range, is a tranquil city, declared in 1984 a Non-Nuclear Zone (preserving the area free of radioactive contamination for future generations) and an Ecological Municipality, is geographically, historically and ecologically linked to the eight Patagonian Andes towns, which includes Manso, Lago Puelo, El Hoyo, Epuyén, El Maitén, Cholila, Ñorquinco and Cushamen.

El Bolsón as a nice quiet place is the base of operations for sport activities like hang-gliding from Piltriquitrón mountain, mountain excursions to Cabeza del Indio, Cerrito Amigo, Mallín Ahogado, Rio Azul, and lakes such as Puelo, Cholila, Epuyén, Rivadavia, fishing at the lakes from November to April, horse-rides along mountains towards Chile and Bariloche, and a wide variety of activities such Climbing, Canoeing, Photo safaris, Hiking, Skiing, Trekking, Bird watching (on spring, summer and fall) and many other outdoor activities.

You can walk up to Cerro Piltriquitrón via the "Bosque Tallado", where recognized artisans decided to turn 31 tree trunks into interesting sculptures. You can also experience an amazing trip on board of the "La Trochita" (the Old Patagonian Express), a museum-piece train, which runs 200 kilometers to Esquel since 1945, you can also use this train to get to El Maitén. If you want to know more about the history of Patagonia, you will visit the Leleque Museum

Houses in El Bolsón are made generally with stone and cypress trees, in El Bolsón you will choose between a nice variety of restaurants, hotels, hostels (even you have the possibility of take lodge in campsites and take part in the country activities).

Some of its main attractions are:

Lago Puelo National Park

Located at 40 km. south of El Bolsón, was declared as National Park in 1971, is one of the smallest parks in Argentina, due its geographical location the Park has an exceptional micro-climate with exuberant Valdivian forests, short lakes, and many opportunities for outdoor activities, by example you will walk to the Chilean border. At the Park offices you can receive information about campsites, barbecue areas, restrooms.

Cerro Piltriquitrón (Piltriquitrón Hill)

Piltriquitrón means "hanging from the clouds", in the Mapuche language (pil = rock and tron = clouds), the mountain is located at 11km from the city center, to get to Piltriquitrón, take the National Route 258, until the base of the hill.
On the top, you have an amazing view of the El Bolsón, the white snows of Tres Picos Mountains, the Tronador Mountain, the valley of the Azul River, the Puelo Lake and sometimes the Osorno volcano, in Chile. You will also easily observe parapenting flights. Also you can visit the "Bosque Tallado" (Carved Forest).
In the summer, remember to carry light footwear, boots, water, nuts, chocolates and take advantage of the cool hours, there is a refuge (with meals and sanitary facilities), where you can sleep.

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