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Arrival to Bariloche

There are many ways of transportation to Bariloche, there are several bus companies connecting Bariloche with the rest of Argentina and Chile, exists regular flights serving destinations in the country, to Brazil and Chile, there is also a railway service from Viedma.


The Bariloche Airport, located at 11 km from downtown, hosts flights from numerous spots in the country, and even from Brazil and Chile. The most important airlines are:

Airline Address Telephone Description
Lade Villegas 480, Río Negro 02944-423562 Serves Patagonian destinations, its email is
Aerolineas Argentinas Quaglia 238 02944-422425 has al least three daily flights from Buenos Aires
Lan Mitre 534, Local 1 0810 9999 LAN (526) offers flies from Puerto Montt and Santiago in Chile and from Buenos Aires in Argentina


There are two options from Buenos Aires
  • Short route: With a total length of 1585 kilometers. From Buenos Aires to Santa Rosa, in the province of La Pampa, (National Route Nº 5), from there to General Acha and Neuquén across the "Travesía del Desierto" ("Desert Route", Provincial Route Nº20), and from Neuquén to Bariloche (along Route Nº 237).
  • Long route: With a total length of 1691 kilometers. From Buenos Aires, along NR Nº3, up to Bahia Blanca, going to Rio Colorado and Rio Negro valley (NR Nº 22) up to Neuquén, and finally along NR Nº 237 up to Bariloche.
Distances from Bariloche to:

To Distance
Bahia Blanca 1076 km
Buenos Aires 1640 km
25 de mayo 572 km
Cipolletti 421 km
Comodoro Rivadavia 868 km
El Bolson 131 km
Esquel 300 km
General Roca 416 km
Las Grutas 1015 km
Neuquén 416 km
Osorno 250 km
Piedra del Aguila 185 km
Puerto Montt 390 km
Rawson 894 km
Rio Gallegos 1667 km
San Martin de los Andes 158 km ( via Paso del Cordoba)
San Martin de los Andes 190 km (via siete lagos)
San Martin de los Andes 260 km (via Rinconada)
Santa Rosa 1011 km
Temuco 479 km (via Mamuil Malal)
Temuco 489 km (via Puyehue)
Trelew 860 km
Viedma 845 km
Villa La Angostura 83 km
Villa Traful 100 km


There is a wide range of offers for land transportation, you can get schedules and fare information from the Bus Terminal, located at Av. 12 de Octubre 2400, at the 02944-432860 telephone.

Some of the many Bus companies that provides transport service to Bariloche are:

Bus Company Address Phone Description
Via Bariloche Carlos Pellegrini 743 PB Of. N° 3 02944-431444 has three daily arrivals from Buenos Aires and one daily trip from Mar del Plata
Cruz del Sur Terminal de Ómnibus Boleteria N° 14 0542-9444-30303 offers daily arrivals from Puerto Montt in Chile
AndesMar   (54)-261-4234567 has service from Mendoza, Rio Gallegos, and Neuquén in Argentina, and service from Osorno, Valdivia, and Puerto Montt in Chile.
Crucero del Norte Alternativa Patagónica - Quaglia 262 02944-430845  
Chevallier Moreno 105 42-4880/3090  
Albus Terminal de Ómnibus - Bol. 7 42-3552  
Don Otto Terminal de Ómnibus - Local 11 43-7699 has service from El Bolsón, Esquel, Pto. Madryn, Trelew, C. Rivadavia and Río Gallegos.
T.A.C. Terminal de Ómnibus - Local 2 43-4727 has service from Zapala, Chos Malal, San Rafael, Mendoza. Bariloche, B. Blanca, Bs.As.


Several companies offers transport to Bariloche, from Puerto Montt, through the Cruce de Lagos (Lake Crossing), taking bus and boat crossings. Some of this companies are Catedral Turismo, located at Palacios 263, with phone number 54 (2944) 42-5444 and Austral Tours


Train Name Address Phone
Tren Patagónico Av. 12 de Octubre 2400 (Train Station) 54 (2944) 43-2172
Histórico Tren a Vapor Av. 12 de Octubre 2400 (Train Station) 54 (2944) 42-3858

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