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Crime & Personal Safety

Argentina is one of the safest countries in South America; local police, who use blue uniforms, is actively patrolling tourist areas, in patrol cars and sometimes on horses. The harbor zone is in charge of the Naval Prefecture, they use uniforms of color brown. Buenos Aires is, generally, a safe city, but precautions are definitely in order because although the political and economic crisis finished, unfortunately, has left to signs of poverty and crime. consequently, you must get some security tips and advice on safety in Argentina:

  • During the day, buses and the Subte (subway) are absolutely safe, at night take buses become some dangerous, is better take a taxi. Taxis are distinctly marked and have a meter, generally, it is safe to travel in taxi, but in order to avoid risks, you must memorize the number plate, directly watch the driver, never take taxis off the streets, do not give the payment until you have gotten out the car, call a taxi service; take the taxi from the nearest hotel, and make sure you know where are you going.
  • The women can feel comfortable in Argentina, it is recommended for women not to wear showy or expensive-looking jewelry or objects, to not walk around dressing very provocatively, to be cautious at any moment, men in Argentina could yell out few quick come-ons (women must ignore that).
  • Be careful with armed robberies to houses, kidnappings in taxis, and assaults in the streets. Like measures of basic precaution: not to carry objects of value openly, keep your passport and tickets in a safe place, avoid walk alone at night, be careful with bag-snatchers especially in crowed areas, avoid dark places, take care in cameras, mobiles or other gadgets that you carry, only keep small change at hand.
  • Don't walk alone at night in unsafe areas of Buenos Aires such La Boca and Retiro.
  • Its common to find beggars requesting money to the tourist, just try to ignore them.
  • Although the political and economic crisis is over, could be planned and spontaneous protests and demonstrations of social unrest. These demonstrations are usually nonviolent, but visitors should take some precautions and avoid such public gatherings and keep abreast with news to know the political situation.
  • Never accept food or drink from guys whom you do not know.


Police (Argentine Federal Police)
Telephone: 101 / 911

Tourist Police
Address: Av Corrientes 436
Telephone: (011) 4346-5748 / 0800-999-5000

Ambulance (Inmediate Health Emergency Service, SAME):
Telephone: 107 / 4923-1051 / 4923-1052 / 4923-1053

Firemen (National Firemen Corps): 100
Alarm Central Division
Telephone: 4304-2222 / 4381-2222

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