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Climbing is one of the activities that increases its followers, this sport requires physical strength in both arms and legs and a skilledscaling technique because is considered a high-risk sport, is recommended not to climb alone and always use the correct equipment (waist harness, safety snap links, cat paw shoes and use magnesium resin that prevents the sweating of the hands).

Argentina has a privileged geography to practice extreme climbing, rock or ice climbing, rappelling or Tyrolese rope crossing. Mounts such as the Aconcagua, the Fitz Roy, the Cerro Torre, and the Torres del Paine are popular. In Argentina there are 9 out of 12 of the highest summits in the Americas, but beyond the most demanding walls, you can choose among the Tronador mount, the needles of the Catedral, the virgin summits of Tierra del Fuego, the provocative hills of Córdoba and Tandil, y and the uphill hiking in Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy.


Argentina offers great opportunities for fly fishing, with a number of excellent fish to challenge and impress any angler, the dorado, salmon, trout among other, by example, an fisherman can fish a beautiful sea-brown trout in the great lakes and rivers of Tierra del Fuego or a wild rainbow and brown trout in the region of San Martin. The fishing season in Argentine for Trolling is from de middle of November to the middle of April; the Lake Fishing season starts from November to December, and for Fly Casting is from January to April.

The best known trout fishing area is located near Junin / San Martin de los Andres, here can be found the Malleo River, Chimehuin River, Collon Cura River, Alumine River, Calleufu River, Traful River, the Quemquemtreu River, and the Quillen River. An area more uncrowded than Junin / San Martin is The Esquel region, that also offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities. In Patagonia, the landlocked salmon and dorado are plentiful, also know as "the river tigre", the Dorado is the most exciting native fish in South America. In Buenos Aires, the Parana River Delta is the main destination for fishing, in Corrientes, the Ibera Marshes, recently declared a Provincial Natural Reserve, is a beautiful place to fish, Around Mar del Plata, the best destinations are Resistencia, along the Parana River, on Cerrito Island or Paso de la Patria.

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