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Argentina is a rocker nation, the called "Rock Nacional" is the most popular music among Argentine youth and is the most listened form of Rock in Spanish Language.

The 1960 Decade: The Beginning

The history began in the 1960s, when followers bands of the Beatles, like Los Shakers and Los Mockers, arrived to Argentina from Uruguay with enormously success, during that time groups used to play covers of English-language bands.

In the middle of 1960, musicians from Buenos Aires and Rosario start to sing only in Spanish language. Litto Nebia and his band The Wild Cats moves from Rosario to Buenos Aires, changing their to Los Gatos Salvajes, soon after Los Gatos Salvajes changed their name to simply Los Gatos. In 1967, Los Gatos recorded their first hit: "La Balsa", a song composed by Tanguito that sold 200.000 copies.

By these times young and bohemian artists began to gather together and exchange music and poetry. Singers like Moris, Tanguito, Miguel Abuelo and bands such as Almendra, Vox Dei, Manal, Arco Iris emerged from these gatherings.

After Almendra, Luis Alberto Spinetta formed Pescado Rabioso, the remaining members of Almendra formed Color Humano and Aquelarre. By 1970, Vox Dei released a production inspired in The Bible, the disc is considered one of the masterpieces of the Argentine Rock.

The 1970 Decade :

By the 1970s, some Heavy Metal groups emerged, amog them Vox Dei, Pescado Rabioso, Billy Bond y La Pesada and Pappo's Blues (their leader "Pappo" Napolitano was the most influential blues artist in Argentina).

An acoustic movement with influences of the hippie movement was represented by Gustavo Santaolalla and his band Arco Iris, Leon Gieco, Sui Generis (the band of Charly Garcia and Nito Mestre), Raul Porchetto, Pedro y Pablo. Time later the sound of Sui Generis change to more electric. Soon after Garcia and Mestre decided to quit Sui Generis.

By 1976, Argentine rock became more conceptual, it was the beginning of the progressive rock era, its more representative band was Crucis. Charly Garcia formed La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros, another progressive band, producing two albums, the band hung up.

In 1979, Charly Garcia, Pedro Aznar, Oscar Moro and David Lebón formed Seru Giran, the first "super-band" of the Argentina.

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