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The Media in Argentina


The most influential newspapers in Argentina are Clarín and La Nación, Clarín (800,000 circulation; 1.2 million on Sundays) has the highest circulation in the country, founded by Roberto Noble in 1945, it belongs to a multimedia conglomerate that owns the radio stations Mitre and FM100,
the television cable channel Multicanal, the open air Canal 13, the newspaper Olé (dedicated entirely to sports news, 100,000 circulation), and three provincial papers as well as in the news agency DYN. Clarín's editorial tendency is considered to be moderate center-left.
The second largest paper, La Nación (500,000 circulation; 800,000 on Sundays) was founded in 1870, in the last few years it has invested over $100 million in the modernization of its operating plant, including faster printing mechanisms and color editions. La Nación is considered to have a conservative editorial position.

Página/12, with 150,000 circulation, is the principal left-wing Daily newspaper in Argentina, began its publication in 1987, Página/12 has been consistently critical of government policy, many well-known leftist intellectuals and journalists have worked or contribute for this newspaper. its style, mixing humor, irony and literary instinct in covering the news, The newspaper includes supplements on culture, media, economics, and foreign affairs. The only major foreign language newspaper is the Buenos Aires Herald (100,000 circulation), founded in 1876. It is written in English,

The Cronista (100,000 circulation) was founded in 1908, was one of the most influential newspapers between 1930 - 1950, its opposition to the military government generated numerous threats to its journalists, including the "disappearance" of its director, Raúl Perrota.

Diario Popular (300,000 circulation) is considered sensationalist, it is a left-wing paper that accentuate crime and catastrophic news and Crónica (300,000 circulation) is a nationalist paper with an anti-U.S. and anti-England perspective, it is published in three daily editions.

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