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January (01)

The National Folklore Festival of Cosquin: Since 1961, every second half of month of January, Cosquín in the province of Córdova, holds the country's most important folklore festival. The festival sees some of the most popular musicians and dancers of the country in the main square called "Prospero Molina".

Gualeguaychu Carnival: The Gualeguaychu Carnival is one of the biggest carnivals in Argentina, where comparsas (groups of people dancing glad music and dressed in colorful suits), murgas (bands of street musicians) and other artists participate in giant parades or Corsos, along the streets. This Carnival is placed in the province of Entre Rios, during January and February, and it is considered the better of the world next to those of Rio de Janeiro.

February-March (02-03)

Buenos Aires Tango Festival: This festival runs since 1999, between February and March, organized by the Argentine ministry of Culture, there are free tango classes, tango performances of celebrated dancers across the city and parties, everything in the birthplace of this dance.

May (05)

Arte Buenos Aires- Contemporary Art Fair: The Art Fair arteBA, is celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during May, in the La Rural Exhibition Centre, with the participation of national and international art galleries, institutions and organizations. There is also discussion sessions throughout the duration of the festival.

September (09)

Festival Latinoamericano de Video Rosario (Rosario Latin American Video Festival): Is a cultural event celebrated since 1994, in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina, it is organized by the municipal government and by the TEA (Integral Television Production School) of Buenos Aires. The festival includes presentation of films, competitions, workshops, conferences, and discussion forums.

Fiesta del immigrante (Immigrant's Festival): The Immigrants’ festival is celebrated in the city of Oberá, province of Misiones. Argentina, during the first two weeks in September, in the Parque de las Naciones (Nation's Park). The different communities, called colectividades (collectivities), shows their different customs through dance, food, clothing and related activities.

September-October (09-10)

Semana Musical Llao Llao (Musical Week Llao Llao): The Semana Musical Llao Llao, is a festival of Classical Music, was created in 1993, is held in the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort, in the town of Bariloche, musicians from all around the world arrive to this festival to give solo and ensembles performances.

Encuentro Internacional de Escultura en Madera-Piedra-Cerro de Rosario (International Meeting of Wood-Stone-Iron Sculpture in Rosario): Is a festival celebrated since 1993, in Rosario, during September to October, it is organized by the Sculptors Association of Rosario, the event is centred on the abilities of sculptors , the artist must work of pieces of stone, wood or iron over the course of a week. Sculptures are then placed in public across the city.

October (10)

OktoberFest Argentina: Since 1964, thousands of people arrive to Villa General Belgrano, Cordova, to take part of the German celebration called Oktoberfest. Over five days several litres of beer are drunk. The main beer trademarks take part in this celebration. This festival in acclaimed as the third most important Oktoberfest site after Munich and Blumenau in Brazil.

November (11)

Creamfields Buenos Aires: The large dance music festival, is celebrated every year on November, in the 13-hectare old Boca Juniors football ground (ex Ciudad Deportiva de La Boca) in the Costanera Sur area of the city.

Buenos Aires Gay Parade: It is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in November, to commemorate the formation of the first gay group in Argentina in 1969, is a colorful festivity, that begins at Plaza de Mayo and ends at Avenida de Mayo.

December (12)

The Encuentro y Fiesta Nacional de Colectividades (Communities Meeting and National Celebration) - Rosario : The Encuentro y Fiesta Nacional de Colectividades is a cultural festival celebrated since 1985, in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina, the event celebrates the diversity of customs of the immigrant communities within Argentina. Stalls, kiosks, tents, concerts and parades are set up in the Parque Nacional de la Bandera (National Flag Park).

Personal Fest: The major Argentinian music festival takes place at the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, it is considered the most important international music festival in the country, with national and international bands playing rock, pop, funk, dance, and others.

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